Marjorie Osterhout

Genealogist and Family Archivist

Can I order more than one book?

Absolutely! You can have books printed all at once or at any time after the project is complete (keep in mind that printing typically takes about four weeks).

Can I get digital copies instead of a printed book?

Yes. We can construct online family trees for you on and attach all documents, records, photos, and stories to the tree. We can also send digital images of the documents, records, and photos, as well as a family tree in PDF format.

I have a lot of old documents and photos for my project. What’s the best way to send them to you?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, we can probably pick up and drop off your photos personally. If you live elsewhere, we recommend an overnight shipping service like Federal Express. That way your documents and photos are packaged professionally and shipped with a tracking number and insurance. Please don’t use media mail or other “low and slow” shipping. It’s just too risky!

I'd like to join the DAR or Mayflower Society. Can you help?

We love helping with society memberships! But the process typically takes more time and money than people expect. Most societies require proof of lineage for up to 12 generations, which means finding as many as 60 birth, marriage, and death certificates. Archives charge fees for those records and can take up to four months to respond to requests. So if you're thinking about giving a membership as a gift, plan way ahead.

I'm adopted. Can you help me find my birth family?

Although we're full of hope and good intentions, we're probably not the best resource for you, since adoption regulations vary from state to state. is an excellent place to begin your search.

My grandmother always said we were part Indian. Can you help me prove I have Indian blood?

Native American research lies outside our expertise. We can refer you to someone who can help.

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