Marjorie Osterhout

Genealogist and Family Archivist

Family History Books

These leather-bound, full color books are a great way to showcase family photos and stories, and make a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime gift. To see more extensive samples of the books we've created, just ask. We're happy to send links to past projects where you can see entire books.


Biographical Sketch

Family mysteries often center around one ancestor. We can research specific people and their lives deeply, finding photos, newspaper articles, publications, and historical tidbits that bring their stories to light and life.

Online Family Trees

For the more digitally minded, we can construct online family trees on, including any documents, records, or photos we find. We can also review and edit an online tree you've already built. If you'd like to see an example, we're happy to send links to past projects. For an example click here.

Scanning & Restoration

Fade Before
Fade After

Correcting Faded Early 20th Century Portrait

Once this 1912 photo was restored, the owner realized that the man in the photo was someone entirely different than he’d assumed.

Newspaper Before
Newspaper After

Sharpening Newspaper Images

Images in newspapers are rasterized and often yellowed with age or printed in a monotone. Restoring them to black and white and then removing the dot patterns can make images sharper.

Tint Before
Tint After

Lightening Dark Tintypes

This tintype had darkened considerably with age. In lightening the midtones and shadows, we were able to more fully reveal a woman hidden in the shadows, holding the baby upright.

Restore Before
Restore After

Restoring Images

This is the only known photo of this gentleman. We scanned it and painstakingly restored the digital image. It's now framed and proudly displayed by his family.

Color Before
Color After

Color Correction

Ah, the sixties. When the colors weren’t psychedelic, they were avocado green and harvest gold. A little color correction does the era justice.

Zoom Before
Zoom After

Enlarging Small Details

This man was one of two brothers who made a living as a lake and fishing guide. By zooming in and enlarging a detail on the boat, the family was able to determine which brother this was.

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