Marjorie Osterhout

Genealogist and Family Archivist

Is there a family mystery you’re itching to solve? A blank spot where your great–grandparents should be? Are you looking for a special gift? We’ve been helping families uncover their stories and connect with their past for over 10 years. We start with the packages detailed below, but we can customize everything – including pricing – depending on your goals.


Limited-Edition, Leather-Bound Book

For a once–in–a–lifetime gift to someone special, nothing will astonish and amaze your loved one more than a book about their family history. Leather–bound, full color, and printed on glossy pages, these books are a gift to the entire family – even future generations. This is a popular group gift, made affordable when siblings or cousins pitch in together. Pricing includes all genealogy research, book design, printing, and shipping.

Price: $5000

Custom Research Package

Perhaps you have an online family tree that needs review and correction, or you want someone to trace your roots back as far as possible. Or maybe you've inherited a box of old photos that need sorting, scanning, and restoration. Larger projects and bigger questions need more open-ended treatment. These projects begin with the 10–hour research package, and then proceed from there, depending on your goals and what we find. You’ll receive a three-ring binder that includes printouts of a family tree, a kinship report, biographical and historical sketches, and any documents, records, and photos we uncover. In addition to the printouts, we include a flash drive with digital copies for easy sharing with family.

Custom Pricing

10 – Hour Research Package

Family mysteries, military stories, and missing ancestors get in-depth treatment with ten hours of focused research. You'll receive digital copies of a family tree, a biographical or historical sketch, and any documents, records, and photos we uncover.

Price: $500

1 – Hour Consultation

If you've hit a brick wall in your research, or if you're just starting out and need to know where and how to begin, consider a one-hour consultation. It's a great way to get past the speed bumps and make real progress.

Price: $50

Scanning and Photo Restoration

Maybe you've inherited a crumbling box of snapshots in a jumbled pile. Or perhaps an older relative is swimming in old photos that need to be sorted and identified. You can just hand the pile to me. In return, you'll get back the original photos sorged in acid-free envelopes, stored in archival boxes. You'll also receive at least 2 scans of each photo (one JPG and on TIF). If the back of a photo has writing on it, I'll scan that too. The scans are delviered on a flash drive or in a Dropbox for easy sharing. Finally, you'll reeive a 3–binder of the printed scans, with plenty of space for writing notes – handy if you want to leaf through the pages with a relative who can identify the pictures.

Price: $1 per photo

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